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2 days / 2 training tracks
1 policy session

September 6-7
Security Governance Expert at NRD Cyber Security

Akvilė Giniotienė

Akvilė Giniotienė is a security governance expert with a broad knowledge and extensive experience in state governance, public sector transformation and change enablement to increase national resilience against multi-faceted threats.

Mrs. Giniotienė provides consultancy services to public and private organizations on cyber security policies and strategies, legislation, good practices implementation, critical information infrastructure protection, IT governance and information security.

Prior to joining NRD Cyber Security, Mrs. Giniotienė held a number of senior management positions in the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and international organizations, where she dealt with many complex issues and focused on increasing national and international resilience to emerging threats, in particular through governance and transformation, international co-operation, policy shaping, information protection, and training efforts.

Mrs. Giniotienė has a broad geographical knowledge and vast experience of working with and engaging top level stakeholders for change enablement, both nationally and internationally. She has a thorough understanding of complex governance and security issues, has successfully led a number of transformation efforts and enabled many changes to promote better governance and increased resilience.

Prior to joining NRD Cyber Security team, Mrs. Giniotienė served as a Deputy Director of the State Security Department, where she assisted the Director in an overall leadership and management of the Agency, particularly in the development of plans and policies, inter-agency relations, analysis, bi-lateral and multilateral co-operation, training and education and human resource policies. During her tenure she led a number of intra-agency, inter-agency and international efforts aimed at shaping a better response to current and emerging security threats, was highly involved in streamlining and harmonizing Agency’s policies and procedures to have an effective, uniform and optimal approach to dealing with emerging security challenges.



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On Day 2 Akvilė will be hosting:

Session 2

Friday, 7th September

Cyber Security Assessment and Landscape Definition

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