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Cyber Defence East Africa 2019
Building a robust cybersecurity ecosystem within the financial sector

12-13 November, Uganda

Back to Kampala once more!

The 7th annual Cyber Defence East Africa 2019 conference (CDEA), organised by NRD Cyber Security together with the National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U).

East Africa region is heavily focusing on becoming one ecosystem for the free movement of goods, labour and capital. The specific targets, outlined in the EAC Vision 2050 strategy, are ambitious, yet a firm step towards transforming the region over the next three decades. To achieve them and facilitate the economic growth, strategic means for improving regional prosperity could be identified as: collaboration, commitment and the simplification of processes and procedures by utilization of technologies as well as digitization. However, although technological advancement comes with a lot of benefits, it also brings significant risks, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. The annual event Cyber Defence East Africa 2019 conference (CDEA2019) is intended to work both as a meeting point for key cyber security stakeholders as well as the platform for collaboration and new initiatives.